Safe Haven

A safe place for healing.

Did you know that each year, as many as 100,000 - 300,000 Amercian children are at risk of being trafficked for commercial sex in the United States.

At Safe Haven Refuge you can do something by volunteering to:

  • Research
  • Rescue
  • Restore

  • Our research team works together with local law enforcement and other established organizations to learn the locations of the suspected human trafficking sites. 
  • We meet every two weeks (typically Friday) to discuss where we are in the research and our next steps.
  • We also assist in fundraising activities in order to provide the necessary budget for the rescue and restore teams. 
  • We also assist in gathering supplies and organizing those supplies for the restore team to give as "gifts" to the victims

  • Commit to visit on a weekly basis (one weekend per month typically)
  • Drivers must be male
  • Take gifts and talk to the victims
  • Carefully find out those who want out
  • Update Safe Haven Refuge of those who desire to come out and the visit details
  • Coordinate with Research team and local law enforcement as needed

  • Must be certified LPC, LPC-I, LPC-S, LCDC, LSW to complete intake/initial assessment
  • Provide Counseling: LPC, LPC-I, LPC-S, LSW, Certified Biblical Counselor 
  • Provide Discipleship: Trained Layperson 

Other Contact information:
National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888